TLC Chiropractic Center - Gentle Effective Low Force Techniques.
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We hope you can find the best Chiropractic Care  you deserve. Dr. Marty Jo Laudig is focused on providing high-quality diagnostic evaluation of your current condition. Exam is complex and I will either take X-ray's in the office or refer you to your current Medical provider for additional tests prior to adjusting your spine.

With a variety of treatments: Deep Tissue Myofascial release, Palpation of the spine and joints, Bio-mechanical adjustments, Interferential,  Electrical Stem, Foot Bath Detox, Nutritional analysis and supplement recommendations, Massage Therapist.

Each patient visit consists of consult and treatment by Dr. Laudig that takes up to an hour. Dr. Laudig is a Medicare preferred provider and accepts most PPO, POS Medical Insurance Plans. Cash Plan's available and most credit cards are accepted.

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